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Secrets of the Norman Invasion printed book latest version including £1.95 p+p to UK or EU

Secrets of the Norman Invasion paperback  book by Nick Austin with free pdf delivered by electronic transaction. Includes £1.95 postage and packing to UK and Europe.

364 Pages packed with information you are unlikely to find on your own. Includes 174+ images and postage and packing to UK or Europe
The story of the search for the site of the Norman Invasion and how it leads to the discovery of the site of the battle of Hastings in the Crowhurst Valley in East Sussex. Secrets of the Norman Invasion is essential reading for anyone interested in English history - and how historians can get it wrong. Railing against an academic establishment which has for too long accepted the received wisdom of taught history, this book seeks to document the events of twenty-four years of research, by one man determined to prove history should not be written by the victor, nor by the Church. Written in an accessible, non academic style, Secrets of the Norman Invasion represents the first time that detailed analysis of the Domesday Book has been applied to hard geographical data. It is an analysis that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the Battle of Hastings could not have been fought at the traditional battle site, not could the Normans have landed at the town of Pevensy. The conclusion reached by this book is one that will radically alter our understanding of the most important events in British and European history. Yet it is all made the more remarkable for having taken so long to uncover. 'There is enough evidence from this examination of the record of the Domesday Book... to indicate Wilting was probably the base camp of William the Conqueror' Dr. Marjorie Chibnall, Clare College, Cambridge University. 'I particularly like Nick Austin's work on the Domesday Book and the archaeological and geographical studies which he initiated' Dr E.M.C. van Houts, Newnham College, Cambridge University. 'A really good read' The Guardian Newspaper.

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