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Atlantis kindle instant download ebook (pdf) by Nick Austin. Delivered free worldwide

Atlantis kindle  book by Nick Austin delivered world-wide.
This is the second book of the End Time Trilogy.  It is the untold story that connects the archaeology of Crete to the history of Egypt and the Bible. This book analyses the words written by Plato, which are preserved since the time of the Greeks.  It tracks down the source of the disaster which struck the Minoan people and eventually provides a firm date endorsed by archaeology for that demise.  Whilst looking for witnesses to these events in other countries the author found a little known papyrus taken from Egypt to the Netherlands.  It confirms the evidence found in Crete and Egypt. The author proposes that Ramesses II was seen as responsible for the loss of the army during the Hebrew Exodus and as a result was replaced by his eldest son ten years before he died.  The evidence in this book is explosive for traditional Egyptologists and historians, because it shows you the silver thread of historical truth hidden by past misunderstandings.It provides certain proof Atlantis still exists in the Malian  marsh in Crete, along with Poseidon’s golden temple.This book contains 143 images in black and white, plus links to 15 videos taken at the time of discovery.

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