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Messiah is risen
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Messiah is risen printed paperback including £1.95 postage and packing to UK and EU. If you want delivery to USA or outside of Europe (rest of world) please use for USA or CA or your local Amazon store.

Messiah is risen paperback  book by Nick Austin with free pdf delivered by electronic transaction. Includes £1.95 postage and packing to UK and Europe with locations marked for evaluation.
This is the first of the End Times trilogy required to be delivered at this time. The author reveals the land of the Mormons complete with archaeological sites which was not in America. It confirms the story in the Irish Chronicles explaining who the Spanish king was who invaded Ireland and was given the name Milesius by historians, whom they could never find. He also names the man who delivered the royal blood line of King David into Ireland, leaving no doubt as to the part played by Joseph Smith, who was the founder of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints. The Davidic blood line is still active and unknown to the Mormons, who preserved it in their early days. 
Joseph Smith embarked upon a philosophical journey that sought to prove the Native Americans originally came from the Holy Land. No evidence has ever been found that would tie the Native Americans to the Mormon faith until now. The author has discovered why Joseph Smith's visions correctly identified him as a true prophet, despite his failings as a human being that ultimately led to his early demise.
The evidence in this book is backed up by a detailed time-line showing exactly how the story became the one we know today. The book appears at first viewing to be  aimed at debunking Joseph Smith. The author however sees beyond the critics of Mormon converts and takes apart the 2,600 year story, leaving the reader with answers that are hard to reconcile. Ultimately the book reveals Joseph Smith as almost certainly a prophet chosen to usher in the Messiah at this time.  The book asks and also answers questions that most historians have avoided, providing written proof of who invaded Ireland in the sixth century BC and providing authentication of the veracity of the Book of Mormon as a historical document.

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