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The NaMile Clan were the first Celtic clan to wear colour in battle. The Clan colours were pure Oak Green without any lines. The addition of the black lines are thought to indicate the blood relationships to the origins of the Clan. Later these developed into structured colours of warp and weft. The origins of Tartan are in the development of the heraldry that the NaMile Clan developed during their period of dominance of Irish history. The purpose being the development of battle dress, so that Clan could be identified in battle as friend or foe.

The Austin and Keith Tartan


Bringing the tribe back together

Are you a member of an Irish or Scottish Clan? Does your name or Clan go back to descendants of the mythical King Milesius? Or is your name Hamill? Hamel? Hamelech, Austin or a source similar to those names? Have you ancestor connections near Villingen in Germany, the Isle of Aran, Caithness in Scotland, mainland Ireland, Colchester in Essex England or areas around the source of the Danube - now Germany - previously Frankish Belgium? Do you think you might be a relative of the old Irish Kings from an ancient genealogy? Have you royal blood or suspected royal blood no matter how distant? Do you have Sephardic or Ashkenazi relatives with an ancient lineage or believe you have links to the ancient Jewish kingdoms through Levite blood relations? if so be prepared for an interesting story being confirmed by genetics.

This site is dedicated to providing information regarding the Clan NaMile - a tribe that is now so widespread it has lost its name in history through the adoption of the masses of clans, chieftans and people it has spawned. This site is currently under construction. The NaMile Clan were the royal clan of Ireland from 568BC who created the Milesian legends. The current Clan members are potentially all those who are descendants of King Milesius and their subclans Including Niall of the Nine Hostages and most of the old Irish clans (from whom almost all Scottish clans developed). This story is different from the one you have learnt from other sites and those written in history books. The name Milesius was created by those who were unable to locate the true identity of those who created this clan, in the Spanish province of Asturias in 600BC. Historians have denied the historical truth for political reasons in order not to offend those who sought power through the last two centuries. It was believed that the discrediting of King Milesius would hide the truth for ever. That truth is now being revealed in order that the Divine Spirit's power will be re-established on earth. Those who have accepted the story that there was no such king as Milesius - that it was a myth - cannot deny the DNA or the archaeology in Spain. The Divine Spirit has ensured its survival in order that men of science can confirm the truth.

Milesius's true blood line will shortly be revealed, but it can be confirmed that he was called " the Milidh of Spain" - which translates as the king of Spain. His actual name was "Galamh of the Shouts" of the Assures tribe, whom the Romans later renamed the Astures. The name Assures was not chosen by chance, but was taken after the name of the then king's grandfather who was the King of Judea at that time. Those Astures became the blood roots of most European monarchy (R1b1b2a1b) because it was known amongst those in power that the royal blood line of the Assures was none other than the royal blood line of the biblical prophet Abraham through his lineage to King David. Power was transfered through that blood line, ensuring the Divine right of almost all the Kings of Europe to rule - and they did so for two thousand five hundred years more.

This site is about confirming the truth through the genetic fingerprint of the descendants of Abraham. Keep an open mind, compare your DNA, compare your clan DNA and find that you too may be a confirmed descendant of Abraham and through him David - David HaMelech - David the King or as most people know him now King David of Judea. This story is not about the Jews - it is the story of one family who became two and then later one again. These people left Jehovah in Judea and as a result they have remained hidden until this time - upon the instructions of God the Divine Spirit. Abraham was the father of both the Jewish and Arabian nations. That royal blood line continues today and is alive and well in Europe. If you or your tribe feature in the Clan NaMile tree and have proven genetic tests please confirm your descendancy and genetic type (haplogroup) for confirmation and I will include your birthright in the tree in the appropriate place.

Let me finally say that it has been drawn to my attention that some pages on this site refer to ancient texts using the English translations of the words used to describe the entity that I call the Divine Spirit. Other words used may have different meanings from culture to culture. Some poeple who will be interested in the work undertaken here will find the use of these words, contrary to what they believe or understand, to be correct. Some words - such as the reference to Dei in Latin and their English translations cannot I believe be justifiably avoided in an academic study. Those who might wish to avoid the accidental use of these words, in their English translations, should therefore avoid further reading. It would be my intention to provide a Hewbrew translation, when this service is available, since those who study Judahism may have a particular difficulty with this, and expect that a Hebrew version of this site will be offered at some stage to allow those who have a certain respect for the use of the words as passed to them in scriptures to be observed. A link will be provided when that service is available.

The evidence confirming the existence of King Milesius is also of an archaeological nature and will not be revealed until publication of the full story. A suitable book publisher is being sought at this time. This site is dedicated to historical research and the concept of bringing the people of the NaMile tribe back together under the guidance of the Divine Spirit, what ever name you may call that entity, after a separation for two thousand six hundred years.

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